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Engineers week - Trip To Hilti

Engineers week - Trip To Hilti

3rd & 4th class were invited to take a tour of Hilti today for Engineers Week. Hilti design, manufacture and service construction tools. We had a fantastic time exploring different areas of their super cool building wearing our high vis vests and safety googles!

Our first stop was the futuristic Hilti Customer Service Experience room. We were amazed to learn about the variety of tools they make and how they are all powered using the same battery model. We learned about different types of engineering and how important teamwork is.

We then made our way to meet another Engineer who showed us Hilti's impressive Red Bull Soapbox cart. It was very interesting to hear which materials were used for the soapbox cart and the reasons why each material was chosen. The brake was made using a 3D industrial printer. The suspension system looked very robust!

Next, we went to the Hilti Tools Service Centre. We enjoyed learning about quality control and saw the Balex machine which breaks down materials for recycling.

Last but not least, we got to use our own engineering skills as the Hilti Engineers challenged us to build bridges using lego bricks! CETNS students rose to the challenge and designed some great bridges.

We had a fantastic time today at Hilti. Thank you so much for having us and a very big thank you to Noah Markey's dad, Dennis for organising our trip. It was most inspirational.


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