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PTA Committee for the school year 2018-2019

The new officers were elected at the PTA meeting of December 2018.

Chairperson - Ciaran Browne

Secretary - Leisha McDonald

Treasurer - Toyna Leonard

Meeting with Ciaran Browne, PTA Chairperson & Aedín, Principal 5th February

  • NPC talk re. Internet Safety – Booking made with NPC PTA to agree date with Aedín
  • Next PTA meeting is on Wednesday 13th February, PTA to contact Eileen Flynn to see if she is available to attend
  • Winter Fair funds – Photo of hand-over to be organised with Aedín, Ruth, Ian, Leisha, Tonya, etc. Funds will be transferred by Tonya. School to provide list of resources being purchased.
  • Recreate membership – PTA to provide receipt and recoup monies from school
  • PTA to provide piece for newsletter this Friday
  • Policy Sub-committees –

o RSE policy sub-committee:

  • RSE subcommittee looking at best model of engagement to be used with parents. A number of parents have put their names forward to get involved. They will be contacted by RSE subcommittee shortly.
  • In advance of parental involvement, RSE Subcommittee is currently working with teachers on the teaching content of the RSE programme.
  • RSE Subcommittee advised that a number of facilitators are being looked at for delivering the RSE course. A comparison will be carried out between the various providers.

o Numeracy policy sub-committee:

  • Maths survey was issued last week and this week. Parents are encouraged to complete the survey. Please refer to survey link emailed to all parents on Monday 4th February.

o Literacy policy sub-committee:

  • Sub-committee currently considering best model of engagement to be used with parents.

o Primary Language Curriculum and STEM policies

  • No involvement required from parents yet

The March PTA meeting is on Wednesday, 13th.

Meeting with Aedín, Tuesday 15th January

Attendees: Aedín, Ciaran Browne (Chair PTA), Tonya Leonard (Treasurer PTA)

·Update re. Policy sub-committees has been published in school newsletter. This update will include information on how parents can get involved in current policy reviews.

·Lunch-time – Aedín clarified that lunch-times had not be shortened, but that children were not allowed to bring food out to yard. This rule was introduced some time ago to reduce the risk of vermin / insects in the school and on the school grounds.

·Winter Fair – Funds raised – Aedín has asked teachers to propose the resources they would like to see funded from the Winter Fair proceeds. The final list will be issued to the PTA shortly, hopefully next week.

·Communications planned:

oEvery 2 weeks PTA will submit a short piece for inclusion in the School Newsletter

oPTA will issue out notes from meetings with Aedín after each meeting to Parent Class Reps. (once notes have been accepted)

oPTA will issue out notes from PTA meetings to Parent Class Reps. after each meeting. Copy will be sent to Aedín for uploading to Parents page of school web-site

·Next meeting, 5thFebruary 2019 @ 8:15 am.

PTA Meeting, Wednesday 16thJanuary

Note: Aedín attended on behalf of Board of Management.

·Note re. Communications Survey: Eileen Flynn (the expert appointed by Educate Together in the wake of the WSE report) attended the PTA meeting in December to listen to parents’ concerns regarding communications in the school and to explain the communications survey which was on-going at the time. Eileen advised that she would come back to the PTA when the survey results had been processed. Prior to this PTA meeting Ms. Flynn advised that she will be discussing the next steps arising from the Communications Survey with the Board of Management at their next meeting. The next Board of Management meeting takes place this week. We hope to have Ms. Flynn attend the next PTA meeting.

·Correspondence received: The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment have been asked to undertake a comprehensive review of Religious and Sexual Education by former Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton TD. There are three components; Drawing on Research, Consulting with Key Leaders, and Consulting with Schools. This review spans both primary and post-primary school. An email has been circulated by the NCCA asking parents for their views on RSE. An email was circulated by the NCCA requesting observations from parents. The latest CETNS Newsletter has an news item on this. Please note that this is a national survey and is separate from the school policy reviews being undertaken in CETNS.

·Winter Fair funds: Aedín to advise list of resources to be purchased with Winter Fair funds. PTA to arrange for cheque to be presented to school

·Membership renewals - National Parent Council membership has been paid. Recreate membership due.

·Parents’ Talk by NPC – Date / Topic to be confirmed.

·Lunch-times: This issue was clarified by Aedín at the meeting on Tuesday morning.

·Policy review groups are looking for parents to contact the office for RSE policy review and the Literacy review. A separate email has gone out to parents in relation to this matter. Aedín advised that it is anticipated that the RSE, Literacy and Numeracy policies will be reviewed by the mid-term break. The STEM and Primary Language Curriculum policy reviews will carry on into next term.


PTA Committee for the school year 2017-2018

The new officers were elected at the PTA meeting of December 2017.

Chairperson - Toyna Leonard

Secretary - Leisha McDonald

Treasurer - Sarah O'Reilly

Message from Chairperson of PTA - 23/03/2018

Dear Parents,

After NPC training on Weds night the PTA has decided to open its meetings to all parents in the school. The next meeting will take place at the CETNS school hall on 18th April at 7.30pm.

As the new chairperson I’d encourage as many as possible to come along to this meeting. It is important for the PTA to look to the future and how we can best work collaboratively to support the school for the benefit of all our children.

All are welcome to attend and I am looking forward to meeting with as many as possible on the night.

Tonya Leonard


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