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3D Printing Workshop & 3D Printer gifted to CETNS

3D Printing Workshop & 3D Printer gifted to CETNS

6th class attended a very interesting 3D Printing Workshop in Fingal Makerspace recently. CETNS now has our very own 3D printer gifted to us by a parent! Thank you so much. We very much look forward to using it!

Our 3D Printing Adventure! By Jerry and Sonia. :] :]

When we arrived at school in the morning, the classroom was full of excitement. We couldn't wait to learn about 3D printing and how it worked. We had planned to take a Dublin Bus to the Fingal Makerspace. We arrived at the bus stop and we waited for a whole 40 mins! It turned out that the roads were closed for the new Taoiseach, Simon Harris.

It took just over 5 mins and we finally arrived at the workshop. Kate greeted us and told us that she would be teaching us today.

She taught us the basics and uses of 3D printing for example printing houses and medical equipment. Then we started to learn how to design our own 3D prints. She then showed us how to make shapes and indents on it using a special program on the laptops.

After that she gave us a fun challenge. Design an egg cup. She gave us specific measurements for the egg and we had to ensure our eggcup was the correct size to fit an egg.

We each designed our own egg cup in pairs. We could add special features which we had a lot of fun with. Some groups even made an egg cup that looked like a toilet!

After that Kate picked the top four to choose a colour to print the designs in. She said they would be ready in a few weeks.

We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience.

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