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Dublin City Cross-Country Race Series

C.E.T.N.S. pupils brave the elements and run their hearts out.
Dublin City Cross-Country Race Series

Reports below from Anna and Elli (5th Class) and Ashkan (6th Class)

CETNS’ Cross-Country Experience

On Wednesday the 15th of March, the qualified children of CETNS went to a cross-country race in the Bogies in Cabra.

It was wet and raining and SUPEEEEEEEEER muddy, ‘the perfect weather for cross country running,’ JP says. First 3rd Class girls went, and we all cheered them on. The boys went next and they did great too!

Next 4th class did their running in the mud & they did real well. You bet we cheered for them as well!

After that 5th class ran. We, the authors of this text, ran in the girls' race. We had a ball though it was veeeeeeeeery muddy, wet and our hands nearly froze. We had the best time ever at the cross country! The boys went too and several of them got medals!

Finally, the 6th went. They did wonderfully and fortunately, they didn’t have to wait in the rain for anyone as it was time to get to the warmth and safety of the bus!

Weirdly, one of our bus drivers went rogue and was late. We had to wait more than half an hour on the bus until she turned up! On our way back we almost drove into a wall.

So we had lots of fun with cross country and we were delighted when we got to change our socks and shoes!

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Thank you to all the teachers and pupils who helped and participated!

By Elli Travers and Anna O’Farrell in Sarah’s 5th Class

Cross-Country Report

Yesterday (15th of March) we participated in a cross-country event in the Bogeys (St. John Paul Park) in Cabra. The weather could not have been worse and when we arrived, the park was like a swamp. The third-class girls went first, then the third-class boys. As we waited for our own race we cheered on everyone else. Even though it was raining and mucky and miserable we persevered. Our school did great.

Many of our students came in the top 20 and got points for our school. We are also very proud of students that came in the top 6 and got trophies. Our school’s boys’ team came second, being just 1 point behind St. Johns Bosco’s. Our school’s girls’ team came third. Our school did extremely well. Well done to all involved yesterday. We would like to thank JP, Conor, Caoimhín, and Lauren for taking the time to take us there and for the support they gave us.

By Ashkan

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