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Green School Slogan Competition


Green School Slogan Competition Winners

Today was a very exciting day in CETNS! Craig Benton from Composting Ireland and Margaret Conlon from Castleknock Tidy Towns attended the prize giving for our slogan competition this morning.


The Green Team wish to thank everyone for entering. The standard of entries was very high which made the Green Team’s job of choosing winners very difficult indeed! Please read the class winners and the overall winners below. Congratulations to all!


Green School Food and Biodiversity

Slogan Competition Winners

February 2022

The class winners are :

In Blathnaid’s 1st class – Reuben Goode Crowley

More Vegetables

Yes Peas!!!

Eat your greens,

Peas and beans,

Keep your planet super clean!

In Sarah’s 1st class – Neasa Ryan

Tomatoes, tomatoes, you’re so red,

redder than my flower bed,

Carrots, carrots, you are so yummy,

I’ll gobble you down in my tummy.

Beetroot, beetroot you are so nice,

I would like to eat you twice.

In Aoife’s 2nd Class – Stella Heneghan

Green Schools Green Schools here we are!

Welcoming you from near and far.

We really like to plant some food,

Which will keep you in a happy mood.

We really like to watch plants bloom,

And eat them in the afternoon!

In Mary 2nd class – Donncha Keogh

You should be keen to grow green.

Be vocal, buy local!

In Sarah’s 3rd – Daania Fuad

Growing food is super green

and that will keep our planet clean

In Emmett’s 3rd class – Luke Campbell

Nature’s Creatures need you

to start growing green,

to keep the planet clean!

In Jim’s 4th class – Lily Ward O’Keefe

Biodiversity is super cool,

It keeps earth clean,

It keeps us healthy,

Hooray hooray for Biodiversity!

In Eugenia’s 4th class – Erik Moran

Grow, Grow Food

Don’t be a fool

It will be cool!

So grab some tools

And plant some food!

In Conor’s 5th class – Kajetan Sobkow - Czajka

We should really grow our own food,

to keep the planet in a good mood.

We’ll protect the earth from devastation,

And spread nature throughout the nation.

So we can all live happily ever after.

In Ailish’s 5th class – Liam Hennigan

If we nurture nature,

It will save our future.

In Paul’s 6th class – Joshua Campbell

Gift Biodiversity by planting a seed,

And helping things that live and breathe.

In JP’s 6th class – Katie Fitzpatrick

Help our planet, don’t be rude,

Go home and grow some food.

Help the bees, mice & birds,

Do something, don’t just use your words.

Use you head and help out,

This is something you should care about!

The overall winner is Katie Fitzpatrick in 6th class. Katie’s slogan will now become the CETNS official green code for our Food & Biodiversity flag.

We have 2 additional prizes:

We have some very talented artists here in CETNS. We admired amazing artwork while judging. We would like to present Ciara Lavery from Paul’s 6th with a prize for her outstanding artistic entry.

We’d also like to give a prize to JJ from JP’s 6th for his fantastic acrostic poem.





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