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Nuacht 14/01/2019


Nuacht 14/01/2019

Dates for your diary

23.01.2019 Junior Infant vaccinations

25.01.2019 1st class assembly in school hall @ 9:30am

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Happy New Year to all families in our school. We hope everyone enjoyed the break and is settled back into the routine of school again.

Learn Together assembly

Both 1st classes will host our next Learn Together assembly Friday week in the hall at 9:30am.

Festive treats

Since our last newsletter the children and staff at the school were treated to a lot assemblies and performances. The amount of work put into preparing the winter shows for all was truly special and a treat for those in attendance. A huge congratulations to all and a special thank you to the staff for making it happen.

We wish to thank the parents and children for their support with the recent shoebox appeal

http://www.cetns.ie/News/Shoebox-Appeal/820/Index.html and the St Vincent de Paul Food appeal. All donations were gratefully received.

On our last day a special visitor called and left a present for each class. Many of the children treated him to a song or two from their repertoire and we all had a great last day in school. You can see some of the photos here http://www.cetns.ie/News/Santas-Visit/823/Index.html

Scientists Visiting

Designer Minds Scientists came in to do a science workshop with 3rd and 4th classes last Tuesday. The workshops introduced the children to the scientific area of biology, specifically bacteria. The children participated, carried out their own experiments and brought their experiment home with them. The experiments tested whether antibacterial handwash kills bacteria. Children carried out the test using nutrient agar plates and follows the scientific method which never fails to engage and enthral children as they bring their agar plate home with them and observe bacteria growing over the course of a week. We will be very interested in their results!


CETNS Subcommittee work

Our staff are all working away on subcommittees reviewing different policies. Each subcommittee update is below and parental involvement will be welcomed.

We are working on the School Improvement Plan in Literacy which focused on comprehension. We are evaluating how it has been working across the school and reflecting on whether any changes or improvements need to be made. We would really appreciate your input and if anyone would like to contribute please register your interest with Siobhán in the office via email. Many thanks, Literacy subcommittee

The numeracy subcommittee are in the process of looking at the School Improvement Plan. We will be distributing questionnaires to pupils, parents and staff in relation to the teaching and learning of maths in C.E.T.N.S. We hope this will help us in future planning for each class level in our school. Many thanks, Numeracy subcommittee

Primary Language Curriculum (PLC) Subcommittee. The new PLC for English and Irish has been introduced to classes from Junior Infants to 2nd. Teachers have attended 2 training days and will be attending another training day in school during the February mid-term break (18th February – school will be closed to pupils). The PLC subcommittee is currently organising this day. We will also be addressing our English and Irish plans to reflect the new PLC. We will be looking for input from parents at a later stage. Many thanks, PLC Subcommittee

The Relationships & Sexuality in Education (RSE) subcommittee have been working with staff over the past few weeks to assess the aspects of RSE provision within the school and whether there are improvements or changes to be made. We would value the input of parents and ask if you are interested to please register your interest with Siobhán in the office via email. Many thanks, RSE Subcommittee.

Science, Technology, Maths & Engineering (STEM) subjects subcommittee are currently identifying areas within the programme in the school in relation to the teaching and learning of STEM subjects. We hope this will help us in future planning for each class level in our school and we will be looking for input from parents at a later stage. Many thanks, STEM subcommittee

Green Team

The Green Team will be starting the year again reminding us all to use less plastic and how to reduce marine litter. Just a reminder to everyone regarding lunches to please bring all food and plastic waste home in the lunchbox and we would love to see everyone use less clingfilm, tin foil and no more single use plastic water bottles. Just a reminder bamboo toothbrushes can be bought online(amazon/ebay). Elaine has organised someone from reuzi to and give a workshop on Ecobricks at the start of February – a new solution to re-using soft plastic waste.

Student Council

The Student Council we meet soon also to discuss how best we can improve Playworks and discuss some possible fundraisers.

Visitors at CETNS

In the interests of child protection it is important all visitors calling to CETNS during the school day enter via the main reception area. We ask, after the classes have entered the school at 9am, that children arriving later than this time be brought to reception as classes have already started.

Rainy Day Supervision

Thank you to parents for encouraging the children to independently come into the school hall on rainy days. This has helped us particularly in keeping the floor dry which is important as some activity classes begin directly at 9am in the mornings and drying the wooden floor had been taking valuable time away from this programme.

Parent-Teacher Association

The PTA committee met with Eileen Flynn who is working with the school on communications as referred to in the recent letter from the Board of Management. The next PTA meeting will take place in the school hall on Wednesday 16th at 7:30pm.

Beir bua,


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