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Nuacht 20/11/2017


Nuacht 20/11/2017

Dates for your diary

23.11: Intel Science exhibition in the hall 10am – 2pm

24.11: Parent Teacher Association, Annual General Meeting, 8pm - 9.30pm

30.11: Grandparents’ Day @ 10am-10:45am

1.12: 5th class assembly @ 9.30am

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As it is getting colder, please remind your children to wrap up well for the 8.50am drop off in order to prevent any coughs and colds. Please don’t send a sick child to school as this only passes on the illnesses to other children.

Parent-Teacher meetings

Thank you to all parents who attended the parent-teacher meetings. If you haven’t met with your child’s teacher, please make contact and arrange a suitable time for a meeting. Conor’s meetings will be re-scheduled and junior infant parent meetings will take place in late January/ early February.

Intel Science Exhibition

Our science exhibition will take place on 23rd November. The standard is always very high, so please come along and talk to our young scientists about their projects between 10am and 2pm.

The Intel judges will be in at some stage of the day and will select teams to go forward to the next stage of the competition. Best of luck to all teams and thank you to all staff in 5th and 6th classes for managing this project.

Grandparents’ Visit

We are looking forward to our Grandparents’ visit to CETNS and the visits to classes will take place from 10am to 10.45am. Afterwards all will be welcome for tea/coffee in the hall. Please let your child’s teacher know if a Grandparent is coming to visit a class.


Good luck to Karen and Peter's after school choir who will be performing at the Solstice Theatre in Navan on Monday 27th November at 7.30pm. Tickets available http://www.solsticeartscentre.com/

Green Team

The Green Team are conducting a marine litter survey. We got new battery recycling boxes from Barrettstown where we can collect old batteries so the important chemicals and resources in them can be taken out & recovered and used to make new batteries or in other products, thereby raising funds for Barrettstown camps for children and their families living with a serious illness. It would be great if you could bring in any old batteries and put them in the relevant boxes beside the staff room/at reception. http://www.erp-recycling.ie/news/erp-powers-positivity-with-batteries-for-barretstown-recycling-campaign/ Thank you, Elaine

Student Council

We got the basketball hoop fixed on yard. Thank you, Alben.


The Little Life of Little Star by Daniella Hensman

Little star lay in a box,

with a tree, and shining hair.

She was squashed, and cramped,with no way out.

She didn't like to be there.

So she closed her eyes, and dreamed back...

Back to when she, was a V.I.P

And sitting smartly on top of a tree.

She was shining and, smiling, with her nose in the air.


the baubles were bullies, so she didn't like to be there

So she closed her eyes and dreamed back...

back to when she, was inside of a shop,

letting people examine with care,

her sparkle, and shine, and her soft yellow colour.

It made her self- conscious, so she didn't want to be there.

So she closed her eyes, and dreamed back

back to when she, was shooting the sky,

soaring zig-zags around everywhere.

she was happy, content, and full of joy,

she tried very hard to stay there.

Rocking chair dreaming by Ruby Jones

A sad rocking chair sat in the corner of the dark room rocking side to side.

Every day he would do this, he had nothing else to do, he was all alone.

He stopped rocking and thought back.

Back to when he was sitting in a shop with an itchy pin stuck to him while everyone laughed at him.

He didn't like that memory so he thought back.

Back to when he was in the carpenters shop being trimmed, shaved and cut to the perfect shape.

He didn't like being perfect and that really hurt so he thought back.

Back to when he was all alone as a log waiting to be fully dried out

with no one around to talk to.

That was a sad memory so he thought even further back.

All the way back to when he was a young tree beside his mother growing up to a tall tree and letting his leaves blow in the wind. He loved thinking about that.

He realised that his life isn't that bad. he opened his eyes and the room was light. he was happy again.

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA AGM will be held this Friday, 24th November at 8pm. Arrangements have been made to hold the AGM in The Castleknock Community Centre hall in Laurel Lodge. It will commence promptly at 8pm and finish at 9.30pm. The building closes at 10pm, so it will not run too late. This is a once a year meeting, and we would be extremely grateful if you could make time to attend. Thank you, PTA

Beir bua,

Aedín and Andreas

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