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School Tour 3rd Class

School Tour 3rd Class

Our School Tour: By: Olivier Venter 14/06/2024

For our school tour, we went to Crystal Maze. We left at 8:45 and we arrived at 5 to 10.We played football and golf and we did fun things in the maze. We also walked in the river!

After, we did obstacles while holding hands. We also had groups of 10 and there was a shop. Everything was quite cheap. We ended up with 128 crystals and our class won the crystal trophy!

When I got home, I was surprised because when I put my hand in my pocket I found a crystal!!!

Our School Tour By: Erin Henry 14/06/2024

On Monday for our school tour, we went to the Crystal Maze and we all had a blast. There were so many different activities like mini golf, riddles, finding our way out of the maze and even walking in a river but don’t worry we didn’t drown because the river was only ankle deep! At lunch time it was like a dream because we got three lunch breaks!

This recount piece isn’t over yet, it gets better! On our second lunch break we got to go to the Crystal Maze shop! In the Crystal Maze shop the most expensive thing is three euros.

After we did all of the activities, we got crystals. Our goal was one hundred crystals. If every team got one hundred crystals or more we got to bring a trophy back to our school and we did!

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