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Creative Schools Initiative in CETNS

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In September 2022, we were delighted to hear that Castleknock Educate Together National School had been accepted into the Creative Schools Initiative which is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. This initiative is focused on developing the creative potential of every child. It aims to put the arts and creativity at the heart of children and young people’s lives. Over the next two years, we will be working together to develop a whole school plan for creative initiatives in our school. Our goal is to integrate the arts creativity into our approach to learning at CETNS!

The voices of the children are at the heart of this project. Our newly created Creative Schools Committee help to lead this initiative. Two children from each class from 1st to 6th are democratically elected by their classmates and retain their positions on the committee for the duration of the school year.

Each school is assigned a Creative Associate from the Arts Council of Ireland. Our creative associate is Deirdre Kilmartin. Deirdre is a CETNS parent. Deirdre will work closely with our Creative Schools Committee and our school community to develop a bespoke Creativity Plan for CETNS. We are very excited!

Our Fabulous Creative Schools Committee 2022/2023


Committee Members

1st - Alison

Izzy & Stefan

1st - Larah

Alba & Naman

2nd – Chloë

Erin & Talib

2nd - Elaine

Adrian & Mia

3rd - Jim

Aira & Joshua

3rd - Lauren

Winnie & Fionn

4th - Caoimhin

Cahir & Ffion

4th – Paula/Claire

Mikolaj & Anna

5th - Conor

Jane & Erik

5th - Sarah

Erik & Anastasia

6th- Emmett

Suzie & Liam

6th - Eugenia

Kajetan & Maisy

Read all about our Clay Fun!


CETNS parent and Creative Schools Associate Deirdre Kilmartin organised a very interesting collaborative artistic activity for the Creative School Committee this afternoon! Each child was given two pieces of clay. They were challenged to make a head shape out of the first piece and then pass it around the table. Each person added a new feature each time, e.g. eyes, nose, mouth. The children got to keep the last one they worked on. They named their character and chose something that their character loved! With the second piece of clay, they had to make a present for the character based on what they liked. Finally, each child introduced their character and presented to the group. We were amazed by their creativity and imagination! Great fun!


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