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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) plays an integral role in CETNS. We participate in numerous local and national initiatives.

March -

We had some great Leprechaun Traps made in our March Stem Projects.


IMG_7337-lep.JPG JJ


Anais & Rian who managed to catch a Leprechaun!


Josh, James & Jake composed a rhyming story.

IMG_3374-lep.JPG Aoife

IMG_7405-lep.JPG Sanvi



IMG_3025_ft.JPGHere is Aoife with her completed Fairtrade STEM project - A fairtrade banana piñata. It also has some fairtrade treats inside for her classmates. Well done Aoife.

Village built by 6th Class


IMG_4808_ft.JPG Josh , James & Jake. Well done boys.


Here are some photos of the STEM projects for January. The volcano and planets are made from icing!



  • In 2017/2018, CETNS will participate in Science Foundation of Ireland Discover Science & Maths Programme.
  • We use our school grounds to explore science. We are lucky to have an abundance of habitats and the following areas of interest: the school fruit, vegetable and herb garden, pond, chickens, polytunnel, orchard, oudoor classroom, multisensory garden and our school field which is planted with native trees and shrubs. Teachers use an Environmental Audit of the school locality to show how our school grounds can be used for the teaching of Science.
  • We focus on hands-on science investigations as part of classroom experiment.
  • We participate in National STEM weeks - Space, Science, Maths, Computer Science and Engineering.
  • We have introduced a monthly whole school STEM challenge!
  • We invite science speakers to our school.
  • We organize visits to accredited Science Centres - Dublin Zoo, The National School of Sailing Dun Laoghaire, Imaginosity, Sealife Aquarium
  • We attend science shows – e.g. RDS Science Show
  • 5th & 6th Class participate yearly in the Intel Mini Scientist Competition
  • We include STEM as part of our afterschool programme.
  • We participate in the Green Schools Programme as part of the Environmental Awareness strand. The theme of our 8th flag is Marine Environment. We will be looking at marine eco-systems, their threats and the work being done to save them. See Green School Action Plan on Green School Noticeboard for more details.
  • We celebrate national environmental awareness days e.g. National Tree Week and go on a leaf hunt in our school field
  • We participate in Innocent Sow and Grow programme.
  • We work with scientific organisations .i.e. Science Foundation Ireland, Steps Engineers Ireland, Teagasc in Ashtown, Blackrock Observatory
  • We work on our Active Flag programme which linked in with the Living Things strand.


  • We use technology as part of our school work.
  • We have Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom and a class set of both ipads and laptops.
  • To continue working on basic programming initiatives i.e. Beebot, Scratch, Scratch Junior.
  • See CETNS Digital Schools Strategy document for more details.


  • We do lots of design and make activities e.g. making models (exploring, planning, designing, making, evaluating) – integration with Art & SESE.
  • We have introduced a monthly STEM Family Project!
  • We participate In ENGINEERS WEEK - http://www.engineersweek.ie/
  • To hold a whole school engineering challenge
  • We invite engineer guest speakers to the school – parental involvement & STEPS
  • To introduce a monthly STEM challenge
  • Useful engineering websites: DiscoverE - http://www.discovere.org/dreambig/activities
  • STEPS - https://www.steps.ie/teachers/primary.aspx


  • We use a variety of maths investigations: real life maths investigations, puzzles, maths art, cracking the code etc
  • We participate in National Maths Week and use resources on http://www.mathsweek.ie/
  • We use maths skills and knowledge as part of science e.g. measuring distances, capacity, weight, recording and analyzing data. Using maths operations: ratio, percentages, averages.
  • We do Maths Trails around our school.
  • Useful maths websites:maths playground - https://www.mathplayground.com/Khan academy - https://www.khanacademy.org/math
  • Manga High - https://www.mangahigh.com
  • IXL Maths - https://ie.ixl.com/math/

STEM Showcase

We host events where children present and explain their work:

  • We host an INTEL Mini Scientist exhibition during Science week where parents and the wider community are invited to learn about projects our 5th & 6th classes.
  • We encourage children to present their science work to other classes.
  • We host a monthly Family STEM Project exhibition.

STEM Family Project

Castleknock Educate Together has introduced a monthly STEM Family Project. Parental involvement is a very important part of our ethos and we feel STEM Family Projects are the perfect way to create meaningful connections between the school and home for science, technology, engineering and maths processes.

The Engineering Design Process is:
1. Ask - what’s the problem?
2. Imagine- choose a solution.
3. Plan - draw it.
4. Create - make it.
5. Improve - make it better.

January’s challenge was to create an object using sweets in its construction! Teachers were blown away by the creativity and enthusiasm shown by the families of CETNS. We also received lots of very interesting photos of the stages of the engineering process.

February’s STEM Family Project is to create a Fairtrade themed object using recyclable materials. This challenge will link in with our whole school focus on Fairtrade this month.

We look forward to exhibiting our February STEM Family Projects in our school during Engineers Week (26th Feb - 2nd March)

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