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Nuacht 10/12/2018


Nuacht 10/12/2018

Dates for your diary

10 – 14.12.2018 December Show Week @ CETNS. See calendar on website, link below.

12.12.2018 PTA Meeting in school hall

21.12.2018 Special Visitor @ CETNS in yard at 10.00 (weather permitting)

21.12.2018 12:00 school holidays

07.01.2018 School re-opens at 9am

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Stem Project for December

Create a festive decoration with recycled materials. So get creative, we are looking forward to seeing some wonderful decorations.

December Shows

The excitement is building and the music is heard throughout the school as the children prepare for their class shows which will take place this week. The timetable for this week is available on our website http://www.cetns.ie/Calendar and all performances will take place in the school hall. Please come along and join us as it makes the event extra special for the children on the day. It’s going to be a very busy week at CETNS!

CETNS Board of Management

Please see update from the recent Board of Management meeting http://www.cetns.ie/Page/Board-of-Management-2015-2019/685/Index.html

As you are aware the Board of Management is undertaking a comprehensive review of communication in the school with a view to forming a Communications Policy in consultation with all stakeholders. Please see link below to the survey. We would like all parents to complete as we value your input. Thank you.


Green Team assemblies

Green Team assemblies took place for the whole school a few weeks ago & the children learnt all about the work of the Green Team on the 8th Green Flag concentrating on Global Citizenship & the Marine Environment. The first focus on plastic and effects on the environment. Next focus is on Global Warming & the Marine Environment where the Pacific Garbage Patch was discussed alongside microbeads of plastic entering the food chain, effects on tourism, how long we have before we run out of time and what we can do to reduce marine litter were all topics discussed as well as what CETNS can do about this serious issue both in school and at home. The children thoroughly enjoyed these assemblies & we would like especially to thank the Green Team co-ordinators for their input preparing the presentation for all.

Many thanks to all the Green Team members who helped out selling bamboo toothbrushes and straws at the Winter Fair(Jack,Ciara,Patricija, Anais, Jacob and Eleanor). The Green Team hope to drastically reduce(& eventually eliminate) the number of single use plastic bottles in our school and we hope to have a single-use plastic ban in lunchboxes some week next year(no cling film/single use plastic bottles).

The Green Team have also carried out surveys on marine litter awareness as part of the process of getting our 8th green flag.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Thank you for your attendance at the recent parent-teacher meetings. We hope you found them useful and informative. If you didn’t manage to attend on this occasion please contact the school office to make an appointment with your child’s teacher. It is important you are fully informed about your child’s learning.

Engineer’s Visit to 3rd class

Young Engineers projects





Last Thursday we had a visit from an engineer, Anne Jenna, who works with Nicholas O’Dwyer Company. Right now she’s working on a new design for a water treatment plant in Sligo. We presented the projects we did for young Engineers & she told us how to make them stronger. Our group built a bridge over the Ashtown Train Station & she told us how to add side supports. The point about the projects is to look at the community and see what’s not working and make improvements. We then need to make a 3-D model so we used Knex for our bridge. She told us the sides and slope needed to improve and she helped us by showing us the side supports.

By Matthew in Paula’s 3rd class.

There will be an engineer visiting Andreas’ class this Thursday.

5th class trip to Epic Museum

Both 5th classes went on a trip to Epic Museum last Thursday and went on the train from Castleknock to Connolly station and we walked to Epic Museum from there. It used to be a work-shed where they stored food and imported items that came in from other countries. They brought us down to the basement and the first room was about the emigrants which gave an idea of how they travelled abroad with just a small box, the room was a little like an airport with arrivals and departures desks, but very few people arrived due to the Famine. Lots of people went to USA, Canada and Australia mainly and sometimes letters from other countries came for single women who could get a free ticket to go away and marry. A passport stamp was given to us before leaving each room throughout the tour.

We saw the different kinds of ships from small boats to Viking boats to now aeroplanes, it was like a transport timeline. We learnt about famous Irish people, descendants from Irish people such as Barack Obama whose Great Grandfather was from Ireland, a famous scientists who discovered fibre-optics and submarines. Rihanna, the singer, even has ancestors from Ireland also.

The best thing about it was the whole tour and everything we learnt before the tour when we saw it all when we got there, including learning about famous Irish GAA sports such as hurling which is popular in Argentina. There’s a famous Argentinian player who came here and signed a jersey and that’s now hanging there in the museum. We learnt all about the Jeanie Johnston Ship and saw some sculptures also there made of steel.

By Breixo & Mysha in Aoife’s 5th classes.

My Review on Intel

On the 5th Dec 2018, me and 3 of my best friends went to ITB to compete in the Intel Mini Scientist competition. 3 of us were invited last year so we had a good amount of experience. On the day there was 90 different schools battling for one of the 16 places in the national finals. Our project was on biometrics, and Conor Walsh (me), Charlie Coffey, Jack Brady and Abdullah Anwar made the project. We were judged around 9:45 and the judge loved our project. She stayed around for long to listen to every last word we had to tell her. I had a good feeling that we were going into the next round, At 11:30 we had a science demo by a scientist named “Scientific Sue”. She did the same show she did last year on bubbles. Even though she had the same content it was fun to watch. After lunch it was time for the results. We didn’t make it in, but a few of the kids we were chatting to made the cut. Even though we didn’t make it in I still had a great day. Most people who viewed our project liked it and wished us luck.

Thanks to Liz for giving us the opportunity to compete in this competition and thanks to our parents for arranging meet-ups and waiting with us on the day.

By Conor Walsh (Liz, 6th Class)

Student Council Meeting

The Student Council met last week and discussed Playworks, new plans for the chicken area and fundraising ideas among other things. There are a lot of things we would like improved for Playworks. We would like coaches to monitor the games and help with the running of them. We also think that the markings in the yard need to be clearer as sometimes pupils are running through games as they don’t see the lines. We think it would be a really good idea to have an assembly to explain all about Playworks. We hope to have details of our fundraising days in the new year.

By Daniel & Neema (Ailish, 6th Class)

Parent-Teacher Association

The PTA meeting will take place at the school on Wednesday 12th December.

Beir bua,


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