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June 2022- ‘Best Harvest' Competition Winners - CETNS School Community!

We are thrilled to tell you that Green Schools Ireland have announced CETNS as the winners of 'Best Harvest' for Harvest Week. They were very impressed with the variety and quality of the crops harvested by CETNS families and the high level of engagement from the school community. They were also delighted to see photos of the crops that the children are growing at home.

We wish to thank everyone who brought a crop from their garden or emailed in photos for Harvest Week. We were blown away with the terrific response. It was really interesting for all. We have super gardening families in our school community!

During Harvest Week, our school foyer was bursting with colour! It was filled with delicious home grown produce and decorated with lots of photos that were emailed in. Our foyer was also smelling beautiful thanks to plenty of aromatic herbs! Take a look below!

Our 1st class had a great time making ice cream with their harvest of juicy strawberries!

Thanks again for all of your support!

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Green Team Members 2021/22

Welcome to the CETNS Green Team! Green Team members, you will help raise awareness of our new theme, run competitions and create fun activities for our school.



















































Cian O L






Paula McGuinn

Elaine Duffy

Andreas Kusch


Take a look at our Green School Noticeboard

Trip to Bloom 2022

Visit to Bloom | Castleknock Educate Together (cetns.ie)

Sarah's 1st class

May 2022
Sarah's 1st class recently made beautiful bird feeders by reusing milk cartons for our outdoor classroom.
We are looking forward to spotting different species of Irish birds enjoying these!
Take a look.
image_123927839 (3).JPG
image_123927839 (2).JPG
image_123927839 (1).JPG

CETNS Planting Day

The children in CETNS are as busy as bees planting a variety of flowers, fruit and vegetables in our beautiful school grounds.

Here is what we have planted:

Junior and Senior Infants- bee & butterfly friendly flowers- cosmos, cornflower, Californian poppy, pin cushion, sweet peas, marigolds and wildflowers.

1st class- strawberries and radishes

2nd class- sunflowers and French beans

3rd class- peas

4th class- rocket and potatoes

5th class- carrots and beetroot

6th class- spinach

Last week, Conor’s 5th class helped plant many native Irish bareroot trees kindly given to us by Castleknock Tidy Towns for National Tree Week.

We received many seeds and gardening goodies from SuperValu ‘Save the Bees’ initiative and Woodies ‘Budding Gardener’ competition.

We can’t wait to watch our plants grow. We will harvest, prepare, cook and eat our produce in June! Watch this space!

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image2 (2).jpeg

image0 (19).jpeg







Wildflower Seed Sowing and Bird Feeding!
Our work on our new theme of Global Citizenship Food and Biodiversity continues.
Harvested wildflower seeds from CETNS were sown today by Sanvi, Alexander, Katie and Rohan from 6th class with Margaret from Castleknock Tidy Towns. Seeds included poppies, nigellas, lupins, mallows, sunflower and sweet pea. Alba, Leon and Julian from 3rd class carefully prepped the planting containers with lots of compost. The seeds will germinate in our cosy polytunnel.
In CETNS, we have many varieties of birds that live in and visit our beautiful school grounds. As Winter can be a very difficult time for birds to find food, the 1st & 2nd class green team members helped our feathered friends by topping up our bird feeders in our outdoor classroom. Take a look!

green flags 1.jpg

green flags 2.jpg

Green Team

4th and 5th class Green Team members planted many spring bulbs on Beechpark Avenue today with Castleknock Tidy Towns. The variety of bulbs planted included snowdrops, bluebells, crocuses, chiondoxo, alliums and anemones. We can’t wait to see the flowers bloom in the spring!

Spring Bulb Planting with Castleknock Tidy Towns | Castleknock Educate Together (cetns.ie)

Science Week

Science Week 2021 in CETNS kicked off today with the Green Team members presenting their Biodiversity STEM projects to their class.

Science Week 2021 | Castleknock Educate Together (cetns.ie)

Harvesting in CETNS
Our work on our new green flag theme Food & Biodiversity has begun! Our newly elected Green Team have been very busy harvesting around the school grounds with Andreas. We discovered pears, apples, plums, raspberries, hazelnuts, wild strawberries and grapes. We spotted one juicy red apple left on one tree. Andreas tried to shake the tree, but the apple would not budge. The green team tried to shake the tree but the apple still would not budge. Finally, Casian from Sarah’s 3rd decided to climb the tree. He returned with the red juicy apple!! Margaret from Castleknock Tidy Towns was in CETNS helping the Green Team harvest seeds from our wildflower raised beds. We gathered seeds from poppies, nigellas, lupins, mallows and sunflowers.
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Swift Nesting Project

Swift Welcoming Activities in CETNS - June 2021

Our Green Team have been very busy making CETNS more bird friendly in line with our involvement in the Castleknock Swift Conservation effort. Our new cosy swift nest boxes are ready to move into. There is welcoming swift birdsong playing each day.

Our 1st & 2nd class green team members painted beautiful bird houses. 3rd & 4th class members made fabulous bird feeders using milk cartons for our outdoor classroom.

Our senior class green team members are working very hard on informing our school community of fun facts on the swift while decorating our green school noticeboard.

Sonya from Ailish’s 3rd made an amazing wooden bird feeder with her dad for our school. Daniel from Isla's 4th also made an amazing wooden bird feeder with his dad for our school. A few talented artists throughout the school created beautiful pictures of the swift- Ciara and Mohammed from Ana’s 5th, Anna from Blathnaid’s 3rd and Aoife from Sarah’s 2nd. These pieces of art are displayed on our green school notice board! If anyone would like to make a bird house or a bird feeder or draw a picture of swifts, we would love to see and display them!!!



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We have been very busy in CETNS with lots of Green School activities.

Our Green Flag renewal inspection will take place via zoom on the 28th April.

We will hold another whole school Cycle, Walk or Scoot to School Day on April 28th. We have lots more news to share so please click on the link below to read our Green School Newsletter April 2021.

Green School News - April 2021

See link below to a Saving Swift Guide from BirdWatch Ireland

Saving Swifts Guide

Clean Air Week 2020 Poetry

Anna O’ Farrell in 3rd class entered the Clean Week 2020 Poetry Competition with this fantastic entry. Well done Anna on an excellent poem and a beautiful illustration!

A Squirrel’s Thoughts on Pollution

By Anna 3rd class


I live in a tree,

but what I see,

Is something completely new.

The cars on the road,

All stink a load,

And the trees are dying too!

I get fewer acorns each year,

And the temperatures are queer.

I wish there was something I could do.

What’s happening to our earth,

And all Nature’s worth?

Us animals need it too!

Stop sitting in your car chair,

But go out there,

And help clean the air we breathe!

Don’t just talk, Go out there and walk,

Or cycle in the morning and eve,

On your way to and from school,

And us squirrels will think you’re cool!

Happy Clean Air Week – 23rd Nov to 27th Nov 2020

As this week is Clean Air Week, Green-Schools Ireland are running a poetry competition using the theme 'the journey to school'. Green Schools Ireland would love to hear students’ voices and their reflection on travelling to school.

Here are three ideas that could serve as an inspiration for your poetry:

  • Mindful Walking (to or from school): What do I see? What do I hear? What do I smell? What do feel? What do I think?
  • School Odyssey: Journey to school as a hero’s journey
  • Nature’s Perspective: What could nature, animals, insects think of us and the way we travel to school

The deadline for entries is December 11, 2020. Entries can also take the form of a short video or audio clips. Please email entries to travelevents@eeu.antaisce.org. Winners will be announced before the beginning of the Christmas break. The winning primary student and secondary school student will receive a computer tablet and other runners-up prizes will include Green-Schools walking and cycling accessories like rechargeable bike lights, GS Snoods and more. All details can be found here! - https://greenschoolsireland.org/clean-air-week-2020/ Good luck !

Cycle Walk or Scoot to School Day

Link below to great photos from our first Cycle Walk or Scoot to School Day


Bike Week 2020 19th - 27th September 2020

We are delighted to see so many of our children cycling, scooting and walking to school everyday especially during Bike Week! Many people rediscovered cycling during the restrictions. Take a look at some of our many cyclists and scooters users!

Why not enter Fingal County Council's 'Pedal for your Medal' 50km Bike Week Challenge? Cycle 50kms over 9 days and submit your results to get a fantastic medal! All details here - https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/fingal-pedal-for-your-medal-50km-challenge-bike-week-2020-tickets-120514723783

As you know, the children and teachers in CETNS are working on achieving our 9th green flag. Each flag takes 2 years to achieve. A boy and girl from each class from 1st to 6th is chosen to become members of the school Green Team. The green team raise awareness of our themes and run fun activities.

The aim of our 9th theme is to encourage everyone to cycle, walk, scoot, carpool and park and stride to school as much as possible. This theme will allow us to explore how our actions can have a positive effect on global issues including climate change, air quality and sustainable development. Luckily before lockdown, we got alot of work done. We completed travel surveys of how we travel to school. We will repeat the survey this year to see if we have improved. We completed a walkability audit of footpaths around the school and we even held school wide slogan competition to get our Green Travel Green Code!

Our Green Code for Global Citizenship Travel Flag is:

It's crucial now for us all to transition,
And work to reduce our carbon emission.
Walk, cycle, run or sprint
And you can reduce your carbon footprint.

composed by Conor McGuirk (6th class 2019-2020)

Great Photos from Bike Week















Green Team 2019/2020

Our Green Team 2019/2020

Welcome to the CETNS Green Team! As a Green Team member, you will help raise awareness of our new theme, run competitions and create fun activities for our school.

Green Team Members 2019/20

1st – Pat - Ellie and Matthew 1st – Sarah - Cahir and Sadie

2nd – Ruairi - Matthew and Tara 2nd – Blathnaid – Rían and Elli

3rd Paula – Ashkan and Eve 3rd Conor – Emilia and Liam

4th Lisa – Mohammed & Clementine 4th Ailish – Beth and Yahya

5th Liz- Ava and Oisin 5th – Eadaoin – Ben and Clara

6th – Ana – Rory and Cynthia 6th – Isla - Aamna and Breixo

Our New Theme - Global Citizenship Travel – Sept 2019

The theme of our 9th green flag is Global Citizenship Travel. The ultimate aim of the theme is to continue our school’s work on encouraging walking, cycling, scooting, using public transport or carpooling to school. This theme will also allow us to explore global issues including climate change, air quality and sustainable development.

For this theme, Green Schools Ireland have chosen four of the most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals for schools to focus on.

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

What is Climate Change?

Our climate is changing and getting warmer because greenhouse gas levels are too high in the Earth’s atmosphere. A warmer climate could affect our planet in a number of ways: more rainfall, changing seasons, shrinking sea ice, rising sea levels.

What are Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse gases are gases that can trap heat. They get their name from greenhouses. A greenhouse is full of windows that let in sunlight. That sunlight creates warmth. The big trick of a greenhouse is that it doesn’t let that warmth escape.

That’s exactly how greenhouse gases act. They let sunlight pass through the atmosphere, but they prevent the heat that the sunlight brings from leaving the atmosphere. Overall, greenhouse gases are a good thing. Without them, our planet would be too cold, and life as we know it would not exist. But there can be too much of a good thing. Scientists are worried that human activities are adding too much of these gases to the atmosphere. Using coal, gas and oil, petrol and diesel exhaust fuses are adding to the gases. The cutting down of trees is not helping the earth recover.

What can we do?

We can try to reduce greenhouse gases by avoid driving as much as we can. We should try to walk, cycle, park and stride, carpool, scoot to school and encourage our families, peers and local communities to do the same at weekends. Using public transport is also a good option. Recycling, reusing, conserving water, saving electricity and not buying single use plastics will all help our earth.


Green School Home Learning – May/June 2020

Green-Schools have developed new and interactive activities that students can take part in from within the home environment. Activities promise to be fun and educational and can be completed individually or involve the whole family. Weekly activities, which are suitable for a wide range of age groups, will be added under the below themes.

Check it out!


Green Travel Slogan Prize Giving – February 2020

Jessica Salas from Green Schools Ireland visited our school to give prizes to the winners of the green travel slogan competition.


Green Travel Slogan Competition – February 2020

The Green Team recently held a slogan competition to raise awareness of our new Green Travel theme and to find our official green code. Here are the winning slogans:

Junior & Senior Infants - Travelling together is even better!

1st class Pat ‘Carpool, walk to school.

Get the train or bus or luas if you can.

Don’t destroy the environment!’

by Annie Lee Coyne

1st class Sarah

‘Polluting our planet isn’t working.

Save our planet. Save nature!’

by Aoife Ni Cheilleacháin

2nd class – Bláthnaid

‘Don’t take the bus.

Come and walk with us! ‘

by Anna O Farrell

2nd class – Ruairí

‘Lead the scene and keep it green!’

by Jane Butler and Zoha Basit

3rd class – Paula

‘Don’t be a fool.

Walk, cycle or scoot to school.

Save our planet and save fuel!’

by Aoife Curtis

3rd class – Conor

‘Go really far and stop using your car!’

by Seha Cooray

4th class – Lisa

‘Why aren’t we helping the earth that’s warming?

Don’t we already have enough warning?’

by Clementine

4th class – Ailish

‘Go green to keep the air clean!’

by Zoe Ffrench

5th class – Liz

If you drive, Earth won’t survive,

Take the bus, it’s better for us!’

by Aoife & Molly

5th class – Éadaoin

‘We need sustainable travel

or our earth will unravel!’

by Ciara Moonman

6th class – Isla

Reduce environmental degradation,

Use green transportation

by Umer Haseeb

6th class – Ana

It’s crucial now for us all to transition,

and work to reduce our carbon emission.

Walk, cycle, run or sprint

And you can reduce your carbon footprint.

by Conor McGuirk

The overall winner is Conor McGuirk. His slogan will become our official green code for our Green Travel Flag.

Maith thú Conor & well done to all children who took part in the competition.

Competition Time! - January 2020

The Green Team are launching a slogan competition to find our official green code for our new theme 'Global Citizenship Travel'. The aim of our current theme is to continue and boost our school’s work on encouraging walking, cycling, scooting, using public transport or carpooling to school. This theme will allow us to discover how our work on the Green-Schools programme is having a positive effect on global issues including climate change, air quality and sustainable development.

We are inviting every child to compose a slogan using the green travel theme. Please write your slogan on an A4 page and submit it to your teacher. Closing date is 31st of January. There will be a winner chosen from every class. The overall winning slogan will become our new green code. Good luck!

Earlier this year the Green Team undertook a Walkability Audit of the surrounding area. Please read the report below.

Castleknock ETNS Walkability Audit

Green Team Project 2018/2019

Words of the song written by David and sung during the inspection for our 8th Green Flag.

Be a Global Citizen (come and join us)

A plastic bottle on an empty beach

No message in it – but it can teach

Teach us about the features of Earth

And the creatures that die - give us no more alibis

These features that become disfigured

As the rubbish heaps get bigger and bigger

Our Earth is going to lose her vigour

If we choose to ignore - the crisis on our front door


Be a global citizen, come and join us if you can

Give it up, all those throw- away cups

And put a smile back on the ocean

Let the waves dance free of behaviours

That pollute and are destructive

Reduce your use of plastics

Be fantastically constructive

Human-beings are impacting on the earth

The truth of climate change we have to assert

Is it convenient to ignore all the facts?

As the temperatures soar

And a famine in Africa roars

We are more than a collection of nations

We need to work together for our salvation

To save the earth from disintegration

To restore and sustain her

For a new generation


This Friday, 15th March , there will be an international School Strike for Climate Action. The Irish action has been initiated by schools across Ireland, mostly Educate Together schools. You can read about it here.
Such an action combines a number of strands of our Learn Together curriculum (Ethics and Environment, Moral and Spiritual Development, Equality and Justice) and presents a great learning opportunity for the children - about activism and how it can be used to create positive change. It's also an issue that is really going to affect their future. Some of you may be aware of Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has inspired the talk on climate change and protests (see her speech below). At the moment, Ireland is not on target to meet the targets laid out in the Paris Agreement (see here for video for children to explain the Paris Agreement).
There has already been a demonstration organised by sixth-class students from Donabate Portrane Educate Together (with lots of other schools) outside the Dáil on February 13th. A number of schools will be engaging in action outside the Dáil next Friday, but the student organisers have asked that schools engage in any way they can. We think that this international day of action is a great opportunity to encourage the children to use their voices and to feel like they are part of a wider community of people who want to make a difference. This day will be marked by children across the country and across the world.
With that in mind, Elaine (with Green Team and Student Council), Aoife and Isla are organising a half-hour protest outside the school gates this Friday for just the 5th classes and some of the Green Team and Student Council who wish to participate.
Consent forms need to be signed by parents in advance of the protest, for those attending.
Elaine, Aoife, Isla
Video for the junior classes:
Senior classes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4H1N_yXBiA Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic
More Videos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv7OHfpIRfU Climate change (according to a kid)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsvABLmrpX4 Climate Change | Educational Video for Kids

2017/2018 Green Team


1st Class:

Maaz Syed & Emma Kajetan Sobkow & Isabelle Connolly

2nd Class

Talha & AntiaHarry Walsh & Zoe Ffrench

3rd Class

Isobel & Cathal Tom O Ceallaigh & Mia Dixon

4th Class

Seán Cassley & Sarah Luca & Amila

5th Class

Alex McDaid & Catríona Doherty Alex Connolly & Amal

6th Class

Adam & Ruby

Green Team update

Green Team Notice

Dear Parents,

We are writing this short notice to inform you of a few changes we will be making this year. We have thought about these changes to help pupils learn and to benefit the environment:

#1 The Green team has decided that we will be banning slime.

#2 We recommend buying reusable water bottles because we have been finding single use water bottles on yard.

#3 We have banned popcorn, because the popcorn is spilling on the yard and the plastic bags are bad for the environment.

#4 We are announcing this month’s STEM project is: Design something that the school can use as a feature in our garden

#5 From the 2nd of June, we will ask kids to bring in their own small towel in a resealable bags with their name on it. This is to dry our hands instead of using the blue non-recyclable tissues.

#6 We are asking you if you could bring in your old toys so we can make a fairy garden on the yard.

Thank You From The Green Team!


Just a quick update to remember to try reduce our packaging and waste this holiday, especially if we are buying any chocolate eggs. Below are 2 good websites on the topic:



IMAG2070_gt.jpg Our Marine Environment board for our next Green School flag on Marine Environment

Our 8th Green Flag

CETNS is currently working towards our 8th Green Flag -Marine Environment. We will be learning about interesting sea creatures, marine eco-systems, their threats and the work being done to save them.

Our Green Team Committee is student led and meet monthly to plan and organise whole school activities to raise awareness of our current theme. Green Team members also monitor and evaluate current practice and maintain the work from previous themes.

CETNS has won Green Flags for the following themes : Litter and Waste, Energy, Water, Travel, Biodiversity, Global Citizenship - Litter and Waste, Global Citizenship - Energy.

The Green-School Programme has really benefited our school. The work of previous themes is maintained and has resulted in reduced waste, lower energy and water usage. The programme has also inspired the creation of an abundance of habitats and areas of interest in our school grounds including: outdoor classroom, sensory garden, orchard, pond, herb garden, fruit and veg patch, polytunnel, chicken coop, our enormous school field planted with native trees and shrubs.

Our 7th Green Flag

This year, we worked really hard to get our 7th Green Flag for Global Citizenship and Energy. Ciara and James (4th) read the energy meter every day and we all reminded our classes to save energy by turning off appliances instead of putting them on stand-by, ensuring the thermostats in our school were set on timers and switch off the lights when leaving classrooms.

We also spent time picking litter around the yard and have noticed a big improvement in litter reduction.

For our Green Team Day of Action, we held COWOW (Cycle or Walk on Wednesday), a C.E.T.N.S. Global Citizen Quiz, a Trashion (we saw some very creative outfits), Jakub (5th) & Cosi (4th) performed our Green Team rap. We also showed a Powerpoint on how we can all reduce our Carbon Footprint. Finally we talked about International Water Day and how we can reduce wasting water.

One of our biggest achievements this year, was our School gardening club. We did lots of weeding in the flower and vegetable beds. A big thanks to Roger & Laurence in 6th & Ciara in 4th, Ryland and Adhiraj in 5th, as well as Sara & Clíona in 1st Class and all their helpers.

We wrote to the Board of Management to get a new cover for the polytunnel. It has been great getting the cover and if you can, you should take a look at all the strawberries, grapes, lettuces and lots more growing in it now. We also did a big spring clean around the school and planted some seeds.

Sara, Ciara & Sadhbh went to the Helix with Elaine a few weeks ago to collect our 7th flag for Global Citizenship and Energy, which we are very proud of.

Thanks to Andreas for all the hard work and energy he has brought to make our school so green with all the wonderful areas around our school.

We are lucky to have the pond, bug hotel, chicken coop with our lone surviving chicken, all the lovely trees, fruit and vegetables in our poly tunnel.

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