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Our Student Council

The Student Council in Castleknock Educate Together was established as part of the Equality and Justice strand of the Learn Together Curriculum. The aim of the council is to provide students with greater involvement in the decision making procedures of the school and learn about the democratic process. Two children from each class from 1st to 6th are democratically elected by their classmates and retain their positions on the council for the duration of the school year.

The Student Council meet several times each term. Meetings are facilitated by a lead teacher with council representatives collecting ideas and suggestions for the agenda from their class ahead of each meeting. Suggestions are then discussed, prioritised and are brought to the attention of the Principal and to staff meetings.

The Student Council continues to play an important role in school life and makes a vital contribution to improving our school environment and the quality of school life for all pupils and staff.

Our Fantastic Student Council 2023/2024


Student Council

1st - Aidan

Oisin & Natalia

1st - Roisin

Finn & Mia

2nd - Paula & Éadaoin

Rafi & Jane

2nd - Elaine N

Rían & Noa

3rd - Chloe

Mia C & Oliver

3rd - Alison

Neasa & Pengfei

4th - Larah

Keenan & Andrea C

4th – Paula & Claire

Noah & Emer

5th - Caoimhín

Cian & Akari

5th - Jim

Sadie & Makar

6th- Sarah/Emmett

Eoin & Myiah

6th - Ailish

Michael & Ilhana

Our Fantastic Student Council 2022/2023



1st - Alison

Nell & James

1st - Larah

Oscar & Alanna

2nd – Chloë

Amy & Fionn K.

2nd - Elaine

Harry Cummins & Emilia Sikora

3rd - Jim

Alex & Stella

3rd - Lauren

Amelia R.& Donncha

4th - Caoimhin

Evan Dushaj & Aoife Ní Chéilleachair

4th – Paula/Claire

Agnaey & Sophie

5th - Conor

Lily & Matthew

5th - Sarah

Rian& Anna

6th- Emmett

Ann Marie & Luke

6th - Eugenia

Daniel & Maggie

January 2023 - Student Council Visit Dáil Éireann and meet Jack Chambers TD

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Student Council




It was Monday the 16, but it wasn’t a normal Monday. Today the student council visited the Dáil Éireann. We left the school at around 9:30 am. We travelled by bus into the city. It was a long trip but we didn’t get that bored. While we were on the bus we drove past Trinity College, The Guinness Warehouse and a lot of shops!

When we finally arrived to the Dáil, we were so excited! First we went through security, then we met up with Jack Chambers. If you don’t know who he is then we’ll just tell you. He is the TD in Dublin 15. He is a member of Fianna Fáil.

The person who guided us was called Louise. She brought us to the Seanad room where the people who decide things there are called Senators. There was a throne-like chair in the center. That was the seat for the chairperson. The chairperson is in control of the meeting and decides when each person talks and how long they get to talk. Beside the chairperson, there are two smaller chairs. Those are for the clerics who help the chairperson when they need it.

After we went to the Dáil chamber. It was like the Seanad room but humongous! We also learned a very interesting story about how and why it was made. There once was a person who was the Earl of Kildare. He decided to build a huge house to show his wealth. He was going to build a mansion but the architect said it wasn't a good place for it. But he said that wherever he goes, fashion follows! He married a lady named Emily and they had 19 children, can you believe that?!!! Soon he became the Duke of Leinster. Later he died and his wife married her children’s teacher. And guess what they had 3 more kids! She sold her house and a person decided to buy it. Finally, it became the first Dáil.

At the end, we were sad that we had to leave. We had a wonderful time in the Dáil. We finished by having a snack in the green area of Trinity College.

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